• Manuela Ferreira is a director and playwright. As an artist, what interests her most is the continuous exercise of thinking and building creative processes that allow questioning ways of doing and collaborating, investigating new devices and protocols for encounters with the audience/public. In her performative repertoire, she recognizes various impulses that can start from an everyday episode, a biographical note, a photograph, or a place, as is the case with site-specific performances, in an old textile factory, a thermal bathhouse, or even in her own home. Starting from the poetics of spaces and/or mapping personal or others' memories, the scenic writing tends to be a shared dramaturgy that expands and contaminates in the emergence of collaborative processes. More recently, she has sought to design spaces for coexistence between theater and other disciplines, exploring ways of interception capable of transgressing specific languages and opening other narrative and visual paths. With almost 20 years of professional experience, she also works in theater pedagogy. She designs and leads workshops for different groups and training contexts. She has also programmed and coordinated various educational projects.